Kia EV6 Light RWD

Angled view of the Kia EV6

After incentives




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Incentive total


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Loan Payment

$731 / month

Down Payment


10% of MSRP plus tax

Incentive total


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Lease Payment

$557 / month

First Lease Payment


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Incentives For Lease


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Compare the Kia EV6 Light RWD to a similar gas vehicle, the BMW X4 xDrive30i

20,000 miles ( ~ 55 miles per day)

5 Years


9.23 %

Medium: $0.30/kWh

20% Public


We selected the BMW X4 xDrive30i based on its proximity to the Kia EV6 Light RWD based on brand, size, and price.

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Results have been updated as of 5/26/2022, 11:48:59 AM.

Cost of ownership

The Kia EV6 Light RWD is $39,709 cheaper

DescriptionKia EV6 Light RWDBMW X4 xDrive30i

Cost to fill up monthly

The Kia EV6 Light RWD is $294 cheaper to fill up monthly

Kia EV6 Light RWD$68$0$68
BMW X4 xDrive30i$0$362$362


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